Do the Hard Things

I have been thinking about things I don't want to do. And I realized maybe at 4 pm today that I don't outright refuse to do things. I don't say to myself I don't want to fold laundry or clean up my messes. I just say, oh it's easier if I leave it for later. You know what happens later.

There are things I hear myself say I don't want to do like get out of bed after the first alarm. This lifestyle coach Rob Dial who's podcast I listen to talks about doing one thing in the morning that you dread because after that everything else seems easy. His hard thing was jumping in a cold pool or taking a cold shower. He even stays in the cold water for 2-3 minutes. After tackling something like this, the rest of the day becomes a piece of cake.

For me, it's a weakness to try and find the easy way out. I have higher standards for myself while working. Personally, I let things slip and justify it by telling myself I work so hard I should take things easy. Well, I'm nervous because I see this behavior creep into my work life. Uh oh. Who am I if not a hard worker? I definitely identify a big part of myself as such. So, what am I going to do?

I'm going to do the hard things. It all relates. You don't only smoke on the weekends and not crave a light during lunch breaks. I can't keep a messy bedroom and expect it not to spill into the office or kitchen. My habits don't change when I walk out my door.

Hold me accountable. First hard thing, I am going to wake up on the first alarm. No snooze. As Jen Sincero ( Bad Ass Guru ) says "don't hit the snooze on life" so I shall make this sacrament to not snooze mine away. Pray for me because I love snuggling with the cats in the morning between those buzzers.