If I stuck to my dreams I would be a hobo wandering around with a camera and backpack in various countries. Realizing that I like to bath and feel clean, I haven't made it full time as a vagabond. C'est la vie. Haven't given up the camera though, which is why I am here. 

Why should I work with you?

I get things done. And when I get things done, I do them right. That is what ten years of exploring, learning, practicing, and working in photography teaches you. I am half business woman, half artist. I work with you closely in the beginning to truly understand your needs. Need images for a brand? They will reflect it. The party you planned has a theme? The photographs carry it. Photographs tell a story, exceptional ones tell it right

What experience do you have?

Currently, the focus is on event and portrait photography. They go hand in hand. A wonderful way to see a person is to see him or her as the events that have shaped their life: the happy, sad and in between. Photographing events and people preserves memories and their lessons for generations. I consider it documentary work. Which is why I have been happy to shoot events for COAF and Women in Music. Around Digital Media contracts me for commercial work. We have done projects for Hurray Kimmay!, Zoya Nails, SINN Style and others. For a more detailed work history, please see my resume.

What will I get?

Photographs that stand up against other professionals. A way to look back and recall fondly milestones in life. Then of course I also hope to be your friend. I generally like to like those I work with.


Bridget Haggerty
Brooklyn Photographer